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Oh No - its nearly barbeque time again!

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We have been having a clearout of the garage and patio and its become clear that the poor old barbeque is so far past its sell by date that its literally falling apart! This has sent OH into a frenzy........barbeque catalogues from the local garden centre have appeared in the loo amongst old copies of Top Gear mags so its serious:roll:


Gas? Chimnea style? Wood fired? Briquettes? Tho funds are limited it seems there are deals to be done....if only a decision can be made! Weber looks like the favoured make but hey, who am I to comment? :wink:


OH has a birthday coming up and is requesting funds from all and sundry for a replacement Barbie but I am losing patience...what is wrong with those little foil boxes full of briquettes that you get from the garage!!!???!! :think:


I am thinking on the planting scheme - boy do we need one this year :wall: - and can't get my head round outdoor cooking at present! Does anyone have any recommendations for a serious Barbie cook so we can nail this once and for all? :whistle:

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We inherited a webber bbq about 7 years ago....it is still going well...it just gets left in the garden all summer and greenhouse all winter....(I have no idea how old it is....)


I have never used it but my husband loves it - this is a normal bbq not a gas one


All I can say is the food tastes great and its big enough to cook lots and keep stuff warm around the edges....

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We converted to gas about 5 yrs ago , mainly because our gardens are quite close knit and I was always conscious of the smoke drifting to neighbours washing etc... Since then almost all of my neighbours have done the same and bought gas barbies.

I love the cleaning up at the end, no stubborn grill to clean and all the fat in a little catch pot which I just empty, and the bottom just wipes clean , rather than dirty clouds of ash all over including my hair. Nice :D:D

It cooks just as well if not better and if you miss the burnt grilled effect I'll lend you my OH he burns everything that goes on the Barbie, he says it's traditional. :roll:

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We have a weber, it's at least 10 years old and lives outside all year round come rain, shine, gales or snow. It's still going strong with no real signs of damage/wear. My in-laws have an ancient weber at least 20 years old and again it's great despite 20+ years outside. They are an expensive outlay but worth it if you keep hold of it for years.

Ours is the charcoal variety (not sure the gas ones were around when we bought ours), as long as you are organised and light it early enough before you use it it's not a problem. Using the lid on allows it to be used as an oven and we quite often roast joints in it during the summer. I was a godsend when we had a major power cut when hosting a dinner party, hubby was out under the umbrella cooking all the meat on the barbie! :)

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