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Soaking Wet Chickens

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We have just had one almighty downpour with thunder and lightening, which has been going on for the past 2 hours.

I went out to check on the girls, in my green dress, pink crocs, blue umbrella and a torch!!!, ( such a piccy of beauty) :vom:

Anyway, i only had 5 in the bed, so had to go hunting for the rest, not a pretty site, i eventually found them behind the run huddled up absolutely soaking wet,


I had to get my son to go in and get them and we had to towel them down to dry off, bless them, they were not amused.


How on earth did everyone cope with the flooding, mine were not amused , mind you nor way i , my washroom was totally washed out, so have to do the whole lot again. x



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I only really dried them as it was absolutely chucking it down and it was dark so they should have been in bed.

The rest of them had the common sense to go to bed , but not those two.


So i just didnt want them to go to bed wet... :oops::oops:


They do normally love the rain, but this was just a bit tooo heavy for them

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We had that thunderstorm last night too!


We were overly worried about our girls and went out everytime there was a loud clap of thunder to make sure they were ok.


We had the added worry that last night was the first time Lucy spent the night with Mabel for three weeks. Needless to say we were worried about nothing and they were more "Ooops, word censored!"ed off about us looking in on them so much!

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When i came home from work at 10pm i looked out to see the door of the house closed, so i asked my daughter whos job it is to put the chooks away at night if she had done it and she said no, .... usual statement from her normally meaning she has and she just waits to see how quick i jump at her for not doing it. :?:?


My son has just come down from the cabin at the end of the garden to inform me that the girls are all sitting on a pot in the corner of the run huddled up,


Turns out the wind had shut the run door and they were all soaking wet again, huddled up together in a big pot near the door.


Good job my son had noticed them otherwise they would have been out all nite, wet, and prob cold!!!!!. :shock:

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Help! Don't know if it's linked to staying out in the rain (they could have gone in the Eglu) but Kochanski is not well.


She had been sat out in the run looking all sleepy - was still in the same position when we came home 2 hours later (at lunchtime). Doesn't seem keen to stand up - have seen her drink a little water but would only eat a tiny bit of grape that we offered (note however that she has not had grape before).


Anyone seen their hen like this ? I am worried as since we go them last week they have looked very alert. I think she laid an egg this morning.

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Following on from previous post, I let Kochanski out of the Eglu (where I had put her to rest for an hour). She took her time coming out, then walked slowly to the other end of the run where she has just been standing by Glug, taking sips of water - she keeps closing her eyes all the time - what's going on ??


She is not eating, not even mixed corn from my hand. We did put them on a new piece of lawn 2 days ago - could this be an issue?


EDIT: going to post this under 'chicken clinic'

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Does anyone know if getting soaked will harm recently ex-battery girls? Ours moved to us 2 weeks ago and in today's pouring rain two took to their temporary shed but the others stayed out. Our Omlet girls got wet but very quickly fluffed up as their undercoat (down?) stayed dry. The ex-battery girls seem to get wet through to their skin. Surely this can't be good for them!

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