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Introducing one girl ..update .

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I wrote on here a few days ago asking for advice on introducing one girl after helping out a friend .

I kept her separate from the others and after one day of screaming and shouting it all calmed down.

Yesterday morning I shut the old girls in the WIR while they were dust bathing and let the new girl FR so that she could find hiding places.

I found her sat the other side of the wire outside the run next to the girls where they were dust bathing , sat down just liking being near them ..

I shut her back in and let the old girls out . 10 minutes later I opened the WIR door her side and she shot out and that was that ! :roll: I was expecting mayhem .Apart from a couple of pecks she was FR with the old girls for 6 hours .

It is not over yet but what a result :clap:

This morning I have just let them all out .

She is in a make shift coup at the moment .This weekend I am hoping she will go in the big one .


Jackie x

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Sounds like it all went smoothly - what a relief! I had to introduce a lone hen once, she was given to me by a neighbour who had just one hen left and was giving up keeping chickens. I kept her separate from my girls for a week, then very carefully and with great trepidation let them all in together. She marched straight over to my top hen, jumped on her back and flattened her :shock: and with no further ado went about her business of being in charge of everything :lol: I couldn't believe it!

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I was so worried about all this .I did not want to let her or my friend down .

I did not need to worry yesterday ,Saturday she was out with the old girls all day .Mainly on her own but quite happy to be like that FR from 7am till bedtime .it is only a back garden but plenty of hiding places .

She is still going into her make shift coup but that is fine .


How long do you reckon before her pecked neck feathers grow back ?


Jackie .

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I'm not exactly sure about how long it will take for the feathers to grow back but I would expect it will be a month or two, hopefully someone with more experience will advise. You could try adding a tonic to her water such as Lifeguard or Nettex moulting solution which helps with feather regrowth and give her some extra protein too such as scrambled egg or mealworms.

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That's great news, hope it all goes well for you, jackian :D


Feather wise, personally I noticed neck feathers grow quite quickly within several weeks, but patches on the back or bottom seem to take quite a bit longer. My Columbine ended up with her 'hat' on her head being pecked out when I first had her, and those delicate little feathers took 3 months to grow back :roll: I am watching some feather growth in my own flock and it's fab to see improvement :)



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