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Hello all,


After little Milly's cat incident last Monday (http://club.omlet.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=96615) she seemed to bounce back very quickly and seemed entirely back to normal by Thursday.


However, on Sunday afternoon she seemed subdued, kept closing her eyes, and even spent a couple of hours in the coop. Yesterday she seemed completely fixed again; tearing around the garden, destroying our tulips, and relentlessly pecking everything she could find to peck at (including poor little Anita who always takes the brunt). This morning she seemed quiet again, having periods of frenzied pecking but also periods of standing still (and a bit hunched) and closing her eyes. She seems to be eating and drinking normally, is laying an egg a day (she only missed one day last week but I won't hold that against her as she'd nearly been killed by a cat), and generally looks well - but has these uncharacteristic periods of lethargy.


Any ideas? Could it just be the heat? Maybe she's having cat-related nightmares and isn't getting enough sleep?


Thanks, Rob.

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Hi rob

Didn't want to read and run , can't really help much either I'm afraid .

One of my pekins does the same sort of thing and I was worried she was not well the other week , I convinced myself she had sour crop and she spent a week inside on rations so I could keep an eye on her. I read all the posts I could find and finally took her to a local chicken farm where I have bought a few other chooks from .

They were very helpful and said she seamed fine . Can't say she's any different but she is laying and seams ok .

I think I can find more problems than there are at times :roll:

Sorry was not any help but someone will be along that knows more . Hope she's ok :)

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