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Contact the club for the breed you want Igobarefoot. They will have a register of breeders. You have to call them English Marans now I was told. Marans is a native French breed and they are very upset that the English claim to be breeding them. Bit like Rhode Rocks being sold as genuine Blackrocks.

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Yes I have lots of experience with them and they are excellent!


I have had both Marans and Plymouth Rocks from they and they are lovely birds. I also use their hen hotel all the time and Peter and Glenda are amazing. Great for advice also.


I would highly recommend their services and chickens.


This is my Black Plymouth Rock from them. Big Flo - she is such a funny girl.



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That's useful info, thanks Beantree.


Ooh Big Flo looks gorgeous! I do love a striking black hen :) Great news LottyJ1, thanks for the positive feedback on them, just what I was hoping for. Peter replied back really quick and was very helpful and friendly so I had a good feeling about them. They breed a lot of my favourites so I suspect I may have an attack of the old Morehens Disease when I visit!! :lol:


Thanks again.

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You will defo have more hens disease. When i drop mine off for the hen hotel i have to not look! :shock: The alpacas they have are also beautiful. I just wish I had an acre or two! :lol:


Good luck choosing. My next batch from them will include defiantly another Marans and possible either another Plymouth rock or faverolles.

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