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keyhole kate

Anyone hear from old omleteers

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Hi to all of you.... anyone remember me?????


I havent posted in well over 18 months, just so busy :shock: I love this forum and still check in from time to time. I still have chooks, 3 newbies this year who are gorgeous, they came from Fleur at Wylye Valley chickens. I have 2 of my original Brahmas now aged 4 and one Brahma aged 3.


This forum helped me so much not only with chickens, but problems with teenage daughter etc such sound advice and never judgemental (thank you so much :clap: ) Daughter is now 18 and is a credit to us! definately getting to the other side of awkward, very independent and as for son who is due to start college in Sep, never given us a moments worry (this could be yet to come though!)


loved to read all of the names again :dance:

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I've meant to come and say Hi since Egluntine mentioned in May!

I can't remember when I was last on. I've currently got 3 chickens Maisie (Sussex hybrid very curious), Abbie (RIR about 7 now!) and Hettie (Bluebell terrified of me). Katy GNR died a few months ago at about 7.

I've got the Omlet walk in run. We moved house a couple of years ago. We've reclaimed our garden from the chickens as everything was stripped bare at chicken height and was starting to resemble a chicken toilet! (No one told Maisie rhubarb is a toxin or that chicken wire is a barrier :? )! The plan is to get a builder to build part of the garden into a new bigger run, this is on hold as our builder went to hospital. Considering temporarily moving onto concrete.


I've been managing clinical data for cancer clinical trials for nearly 3 years at the University of Sheffield which I am enjoying and is only a 10 minute walk away. I was temping for many years but got one post in Neurology research for 2 years which got me into my current job. I've got more into food and cooking and go to classes at the gym most days. I've started to crochet and learnt to make curtains as have 3m windows in my house now. I joined the WI this year.

I got married to OH about 3 years ago and he is alright and has been working in his own IT business for many years.

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Hellooooo nice to see the old bods back. Cloots how dare you sneak on when I'm not in here - and as for the question of Clootie's shop it's:



Um - if bods have to remove this then perhaps PM me. But I still must come - I now have been reunited with long lost family in Bury, so it's a good excuse to pop into Norwich! I'm guessing park & ride - never been in Norwich before. :think: Ooooh - methinks when the days get longer again and no rush to get back to put the birds in - or get stuck on the M25!!!


My first girls (and the following year hatching eggies) came from Fleur. Can't recommend her highly enough.

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Waves...do I count as an oldie forum member? I've not been around a lot at all since I started my university degree and was on placement last year at the National Botanic Garden of Wales without any internet access at home...Now I'm a week into the final year of my degree in Birmingham.


I still have hens, Mum and Dad look after them back in Yeovil though, and I do miss them!

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I'm back again- only 2 years later!

I now have a buff Orpington (Buffy), cream Legbar (Willow) always wanted these 2 breeds, and also a light Sussex hybrid (Maisie).

We now have a custom WIR for our eglu build round 2 sheds


Abbie our RIR only died fairly recently after reaching the ripe old age of 7 and Katy GNR last year at a similar age.

We also have a nine month old human chick, Arthur.



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Oh Gosh! The last time I actually logged on was July 2014 :oops:

It was all I could do to remember my loggin details


I do pop in occasionally, to have a catch up whilst drinking my coffee.


My signature drastically needs updating......sadly the Bulldogs are no longer with us, old age and tragic illness took them. We now have a Welsh Terrier and he keeps us on our toes! Still got chickens, but alas, not the same ones. Got 8 rescue hens from Fresh Start for Hens last Saturday to join our 4 older ladies.


No longer ride my motorbike, infact sold it last week! And we are now bee keepers with 7 hives :lol:


So there have been one or two changes over the years.


Sue x

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