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Positive Omlet vibes, please - more vibes needed!

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I have an interview at 11.00 tomorrow for a job I really, really want :pray: and all positive vibes would be very welcome.


It's an area I used to be an expert in about 15 years ago and enjoyed then, but my main areas of expertise moved and changed as different employers needed different things. They are not specifically asking for current expertise and I have made it clear in my application that my knowledge is not up to date, as I didn't want to get to an interview and then look foolish.


Working as a locum here has been great, and I really like the people and the place, and WANT that job.


All positive Omlet vibes you can spare, please

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Thank you so much everyone - just having all that Omlet support made me feel better :D


Won't know the outcome before Friday :anxious: and it will probably depend on how well the other candidates do, as I don't think I was particularly outstanding.


The interview part was ok, though I came out thinking "why did I tell them that example, when I could have done so much better with this one?". There was then a written part, with two scenarios to respond to and I had to dredge up some very ancient knowledge, which is probably very out of date by now. You can't just say "I don't know off the top of my head and could look this up" - even though looking it up is exactly what you'd do in reality.


I still really want this job and it could be a long wait till Friday :pray::pray::pray:

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Hooray! Well done for making it through the interview, you sound reasonably positive about it and it's not too long until Friday. Everything is still crossed for you - it's not all about know-how/technical ability lots of employers are just as interested in personality and I'm sure you shone there!!!

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