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Positive Omlet vibes, please - more vibes needed!

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Thank you everybody - all over now!


It wasn't an interview so much as a written exam, three written scenarios and a pad and pen, and half an hour to get on with it. I think they were trying to establish just how steep my learning curve might be and, thankfully, all the situations were similar to ones I'd encountered when I used to specialise in this area. I could at least give a clear indication of the direction I'd take. Hopefully clear enough :pray:


Should get a decision next week sometime, but it's taken so long already I'll not be holding my breath.


OK to uncross fingers, toes, claws and paws now :D

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And after all that - I didn't get the job :(:(:(


One of the scenarios I did not do at all well on (I had always said my knowledge was out of date), though I did ok on the others and they've decided they want someone who can do the job immediately rather than have to learn it. The feedback was very positive but I really am very disappointed. Would probably have been less so if I hadn't come so close. Somehow it's worse when it's grabbed away from you at the last moment than if you'd never been in the running at all :(


I know I'll get over it and I will come to see it as a good sign that I did come so close, but right now I'm very dejected and off to find more coffee and possibly a muffin.


Thank you so much for all the positive vibes and support, and here's hoping for a happier outcome next time :pray:

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So sorry to hear you didn't get it..I've been following the thread and really hoping for you, as others have said though all these things are good experience. I was between jobs for 5 months once, then got a job which was a disaster. Luckily the right one came up shortly after and I've been there since (6 years now) so in the end things do work out. Good luck for the next one x

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Well what a bummer to have to wait so long to be passed over again. But then the person they took on probably thought it was not a good place and so quit early in the game, so perhaps it is a blessing in disguise. And breathing space to Christmas - and just maybe it will all work out for the best! Hope so and fingers will be virtually crossed otherwise I'd never get anything done! :wink::pray:

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