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Knitting age range?!?

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Apparently whilst I am old.... I am not old enough to knit :lol:


This according to an 8 year old little girl :P


I was sat on a train yesterday, knitting a sleeve to pass the time (as you do!)


Sat across the aisle was this girl with her Mum who I'd put at my age (40), opposite this mother and daughter was an elderly couple probably in their mid/late 70's


The girl turns to her Mum and says "That lady over there is knitting" her mother nods "I know she's old as she's probably about your age Mammy, but she's not old enough to knit" she proclaims.


I smile at her Mum who mouths a "sorry" to me.


The little girl then asks the elderly lady opposite her "Do you knit?" The lady replied that she didn't "well you are old enough to knit" she tells her.


Really made me giggle :lol: I wonder when I will be old enough to grow into this hobby :wink:

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Sadly I think I am old enough to knit :(


But I started when I was in single figures as both my mother and grandmother were prolific knitters. I did struggle with purl at first though. I gave up knitting for a while just after I got married, but have taken it up again now & started to try crochet as well.


I gave some spare wool & needles to a work colleague so she could teach her two boys to knit (both under 10) and the eldest made a (not very straight) scarf, so I think your travelling companion may be wrong in her assessment :lol: .


It's not the cheapest hobby though nowadays - I knitted a cardie and hat for my god-daughter's baby and the yarn cost about £35 - I could have bought something quite nice for that! I am currently crocheting a tiny cropped vest top for my niece and, at £5.50 a ball, 4 colours & 8 balls so far, it will probably end up costing more than I would have spent on a bought present. But it will be unique :D

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I know the feeling about it not being cheap anymore!! Nice wools do come at a price :shock:


I knitted a lovely little short sleeved jumper for myself.... My MIL bought the wool for my birthday, it was £40 worth of wool... I felt the pressure I can tell you :lol:


I have also nearly finished a knitted dress which used 8 balls of wool at £3.30 each, so that's £26.40 which I thought was quite reasonable for a knitted dress..... Then I saw my friend in a gorgeous knitted dress "That's really nice" I tell her.. "this" she replies "I had it in the sale in ASDA for a fiver" :doh:


Ah well, it keeps me out of trouble and at least everything I knit is a "Debs original" :lol:


Out of the mouth of babes indeed Cathy :lol: hope everything is going well with the family xx

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