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itunes - please help this technophobe!

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I have a four year old iphone, its just about limping on now..


I cant afford a new one but my husband recently got a good deal on A nokia smartphone, I'd quite like one of these


My question is can I keep my itunes? if so how? I have over a hundred hours of audiobooks and about five hundred songs which I have amassed over the years that I would hate to lose


Any help would be great thanks

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Short answer: no, you cannot use iTunes with non Apple products.

There is a way around it however. You will need to use an additional piece of software. Full details are here. It has a step by step guide, so should be fairly easy to follow.

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I'm not very technical, so not sure how helpful this answer is but my husband uses apple products (iPhone and Mac desktop) and I have a Nokia Lumia smartphone. I can sync music between iTunes (on the Mac) and my Nokia Lumia. I installed an app on the Mac desktop called (I think) Windows Phone for Mac. It's not as seamless as using iTunes with an iPhone, but it does work.

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