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Bare Bums!!!

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One of my girls has had a bare bum (no knicker feathers) for a couple of months now. I thought she was been pecked by the others so I've been treating it with Stockholm Tar.


It varies in colour from very pale to very red. I've noticed this morning that a couple of the others are beginning to loose their feathers in the same place! They are about 18 months old and other than this they all seem fine, eating and laying well. Would be grateful for any advice.

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If she is otherwise well, and has no lice or mite issues, it is generally a sign that she has been laying a well, and has put all her energies into making eggs rather than growing feathers. They should grow back after a moult and a rest from laying.

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I got 2 new herbs in June last year and kept them separate for a few weeks, but in sight of the old girls. Lots of feather pulling when they where all introduced, leaving one hen completely bald on her back. She has been like it for nearly a year! :shock: the other one has just started moulting around the wings, as they are the same age, I'm hoping that Oona's feathers will come back now!


I bought a 5kg bag of chick crumbs with higher protein and will feed them all that for a week to see if it works. It is supposed to stop egg eating too (a whole other thread - Oona is laying very thin shelled eggs, and the others wait outside for her to lay, then dive in)!!!!

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