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How long do pure breeds lay for ?

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I'm sure I've read that hybrids lay a lot but don't live for so long, and that pure breeds live for much longer and don't lay eggs over Winter.

I was just wondering about Queenie. She is a pekin - which I thought is a pure breed - but she still hasn't laid any eggs yet this year. She is just over 2. Do you think she has used up all her eggs ?

Even if she did suddenly start laying we can't eat them because she only finished her antibiotics on Sunday.

I don't mind her not laying eggs but I do miss them.

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You're right, pekins are a pure breed. She should still be laying well at 2, its prime time. To give you an idea, my old polands were 6 and 7 and they still managed the odd egg. Perhaps give her time to get over whatever the problem was, and make sure she's been wormed, that can really bring the egg count down.

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I doubt she has used up all her eggs unless the breeding has severely reduced her egg count? That is the case with some show strains. As Daphne says, year 2 is peak production normally, but perhaps whatever she had prevented her from laying? We've had an Orpington laying in her 8th year.

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