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vet or not?

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One of my exbatts is under the weather. She's always been skinny and is bald around her bum and underneath which can be a healthy pink or bright red and sore looking. I bath her when I can and use vaseline/nappy cream (!) which seems to soothe. Tonight she lloks like she's got a prolapsed vent and is leaking straw coloured liquid as well as normal poo. She's eating and drinking, and laying daily. Any suggestions gratefully accepted please. Vicky

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If it is a prolapse then she will need to see a vet. There is advice here and you could try replacing it but my honest advice is that she's probably reached the end of the road. You can't leave a prolapse as it will get infected and the other hens will peck it, so remove her from the run and try and get to a vet tomorrow.

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