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Ingrown cat claw

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Has anyone got experience of this? We noticed that Scamp was limping a couple of days ago, we thought that she must have just strained her left front paw. She hadn't improved so we had another good feel around and when we looked at her pads I could see a scab on one of them and realised that was the problem.


We have clipped the claw and pulled out the sharp end with tweezers. The wound looks clean with no sign of infection, so I am inclined just to keep an eye on her. She hates the vets and gets really distressed. I have ordered some proper pet claw clippers and we will be vigilant from now on. She is not a great explorer and spends a lot of time indoors as a result her claws are very sharp.


I have had cats for most of my life and this is my first experience of this.

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I used to have this with my old Ginger who was 24 because he didn't walk far enough to wear them down. I usually clip all my cats claws from time to time with some nail clippers just to make sure they don't overgrow. Normally they wear them down by walking around ?

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Tozi's claws used to do this, particularly as he got older and didn't run around so much.


He was absolutely paranoid about anyone touching his feet (called Tozi because he had an extra toe on each foot and I think someone may have tormented him before he came to me) so it was always a vets job to get them clipped. Even then, he had to be wrapped in a towel and I held him while the vet carefully extracted one paw at a time for the manicure.


If you are able to keep an eye on Scamp and she will let you clip her claws, it shouldn't be a problem

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