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Sudden Death :(

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Hi Everyone

I let the girls out this morning and all was well. On returning from work I've found one of them dead in the run. She was a 12month old Speckledy.

She's lay on her side and her vent is wide open with lots of blood and yellow liquid coming from it. Has anyone any idea whats happened to her? Thank you

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If she was fine this morning it must have been sudden, so sounds like a big broken egg perhaps? The yellow being egg yolk and the blood from a laceration by the eggshell. Or she may have had a stuck egg in the vent and the others have pecked it and her? If her comb is pale she bled to death. If it was purple probably a heart attack from the stress.


Sorry to hear that Munkee1965. Not a pleasant thing to come back to at all.

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Sorry to hear of your experience - sometimes sudden death just happens in chickens. The chances are, from what you describe, that it was some sort of physical problem rather than disease. Sometimes you never really know what happened but it's relatively rare, and it's unlikely that others in your flock will be affected.

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So sorry to be reading this :( Must not have been nice for you to see at all.


Chickens often hide any illnesses which is frustrating, but as it's been mentioned already sometimes it's a mystery and chickens do suddenly pass away.


Huge hugs!



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