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Breathing with beak open?

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Princess layer has been, for the last week, breathing through her mouth. I thought this might be due to the heat although they have plenty of shade.


It tends to be more noticeable when she is just sitting chilling. She is the biggest of the girls and has no weight lost, maybe a little overweight?


She isn't gasping, no sign of worms or gape worm, was wormed last week and no worms apparent in the dropping so not a massive worm load.


She is eating/drinking/ acting normally. Her comb is still lovely and red so don't think it's a heart issue. Any ideas would be appreciated


A constant source of worry, these ladies.....but I do love them:))

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More than likely its just the heat and quite normal :D Chickens pant like dogs and you may find them holding their wings away from their bodies in extreme temps. Its much harder for a big feathery girl like an orp or a bluebelle to keep cool. So long as no other symptoms develop I wouldn't worry about it, just make sure they have plenty of shade and plenty of water :D

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Hi, yes they have a soil bath, they have plenty of shade, ornamental grass to lay under also a sun shade on the cube. The enclosure is in the sun first thing in the morning but pretty shady the rest of the day.


It's weird as it doesn't look like the panting I would expect more gasping but not quite gasping if that makes any sense?


She doesn't quite seem herself now but nothing obvious...she loves a wing stretched out in the sun too:)

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Thanks Dogmother, I had considered peritonitis,she has not laid for ages, her tummy does feel full but not unduly so, I can still feel the bone that runs down the middle and her gizzard.


She is still running to the front of the enclosure when she hears me, and she has just polished off some yogurt(someone is laying softies!!) but has messy knickers. I will keep a close eye on her, just wanna get Friday the 13th out of the way without any casualties!,

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Hi I have noticed my big fluffy buff orp doing same thing.

They free range for hour or more each day. Have dust bath etc. eating fine.

Then if she spots me eating or drinking she will run/waddle at speed to try pinch food and just look at me with mouth open. She has only done this the last 2 hot days.

I think it is the heat as smaller chicken is ok and she is fine if not in sun and running about. Luckily the wir is in shade until about 3 which is when they usually get out.

I will give them some ice cubes and frozen corn but they will probably ignore it as they don't like new things!!

They won't eat grapes!

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Princess layer is still not quite herself. She isn't mouth breathing as much, but she is refusing mealworms which is unheard of but happily eating her pellet porridge and mixed corn and a little tuna, I have not seen her eating the pellets from her feeder but have been at work so may have just missed it.


Something weird though, she is usually the last one to bed and if she is in bed and hears me, she pops out to say hello but for for the last few nights she has been going in with Alana who has Always gone off to bed first.


Tummy feels ok, she looks fine in herself, She has still got dirty knickers but i think that is settling. What an enigma?

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