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Cockerels who came to stay

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These gentlemen have been hanging around outside for days

(I think the link below will work....)


No-one seems to want to collect them. We (me & neighbours) not so pleased with the early morning wake-up calls this weekend.

And my girls have been confined to barracks.


What sort are they. Any suggestions what to do with them?




picture available in a subsequent post

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It transpires they live at the other end of the village.

They were collected twice but clearly not confined very well as they came straight back!

They clearly liked the neighbour's patio with free cat food and adjacent bird table.


Poor neighbour was woken by them at 4am yesterday and then at 4.40am by a guy across the road demanding that she shut 'her' cockerels up!

So keeping them wasn't an option..


The owner appears to have collected them (again), today. Hopefully they've been confined to more secure quarters!


Thanks for all the replies

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