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I was going to upgrade to an eglu go up from my old classic but am wondering whether to go the whole hog and get a cube as I have a recurrence of my chronic morehens disease. :lol: I've got 5 pekin bantams at the moment. Will bantams be ok in a cube? Will they manage the ladder. I'm also wondering how many more I could accommodate. I'd get the 2-metre run and they'd all have the run of half the garden all day long. Maybe 5 more bantams? Would appreciate any advice from anyone who has bantams in a cube... :)

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Hi jeshen :D I have 5 pekin bantams in my cube and have had 7 in there before. As has been said the run will dictate more than the coop. I have 4 meters on mine and wouldn't have more than the 5 I have at the moment. Mine have to be shut in for the 3 days that I work.


A couple of things to be aware of :


1. My lot couldn't manage the ladder very well at all (had a wooden coop with ramp before) so I covered the ladder with stiff garden mesh and cable ties. Worked a treat! You might find a pic on here that I posted for somebody else.


2.The nest box is a pain, as it isn't divided and my lot are a nightmare and won't share!!!! When one goes broody then chaos erupts in the nest box!!! I haven't found a successful way to divide up the nest box :(


3. I use a small trug to block off the nest box at night....for obvious reasons!! Top tip from The Dogmother :wink:


But I LOVE :dance: my cube :clap: I have a green one (cube green)

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Thanks both - that's reassuring. :) My hub has pointed out that we're not going to need the run after all. The cube will be in a fenced area of about 25m by 3m with a 'jungle' to play in and a bad-weather shelter, so it's pointless to have a run-within-a-run. I'm hoping that 10 bantams altogether will be ok. A friend's hen has just hatched 6 of my own bantams' eggs and can't keep them herself so I'd love to bring them back into 'the family'!! Don't know yet how many girls/boys. Praying it's not 6 boys!

Glad you got another cockerel, Mimi. They definitely improve female relationships I think! :D

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