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we have had Clover 4 years today .

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4 years ago today we started our journey into the wonderful world of chicken keeping by getting two chickens from Omlet ,they were delivered by the lovely Omlet man and I had not a clue how to even hold a chicken let alone look after them.

We had Poppy a gingernut ranger and Clover a Miss pepperpot .

Sadly we lost Poppy but we have now had Clover 4 years and she is top chick and I can rely on her to keep the other girls in order.

She has a stunning coat of feathers , has never moulted or gone broody. She still lays eggs every other day and her eggs are an average of 88 grams ..They are huge. :D

My husband reckons she is like the old actress Margaret Rutherford and should be a Duchess with a string of pearls around her neck.

I have never known her kick up a fuss when we have got new girls and we love her to bits :clap:



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Congratulations! We also started, about 6 years ago, with a Gingernut Ranger and Miss Pepperpot from Omlet. Sadly, they passed on to free-range in Chicken Heaven a few years ago aged around 2 and a half, from peritonitis. We've had various other chooks since then but none have laid eggs as big as our first Omlet girls. She looks fit and healthy and beautiful so fingers crossed for more fun years with her.

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Happy Chickenversary.

She is beautiful.

I'm proud that my three are around five years old but they've never been lookers. Obviously I don't tell them that.

I think they would be the kitchen maids for your Duchess.


Looks are not every thing .. Quality is important and who cares for you


Jackie x

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We have Edna 8 years in Sept - she is also a Pepperpot still lays most days but unlike your moults and goes broody!


We have just got 3 new hens - and now remember why we called her 'Evil Edna' she is beating the others up most days not making them bleed but just reminding them who is boss.


Your Clover looks just like Edna! PP

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