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Uni question?

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Now before you all fall about laughing and saying what planet is this woman on --- do uni kitchens in the live quarters have ovens, hobs etc? The blurb for Bristol where ES is hoping to stay says a microwave and toaster. Now I know some kids live on Pot Noodles - mine to my knowledge have never had one they have home cooked and son wants to self cater. Microwaves and toasters are great but are limited if you want to do pasta or spag bol!!

Also are you allowed a small fridge in bedroom . I lived in nursing home and food and esp milk often got nicked :twisted: You can see I am a virgin uni mum and why I am asking stoopid questions.

I am super stressed what with A levels, lads holiday looming and uni. Any advice would be welcomed. Thanks

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It varies from place to place - I would expect their web site to give details for each hall of residence.

If not, email them.


I know my neighbour is hoping to go to Northampton and has investigated in GREAT detail.

They get a cooker, microwave etc. but are NOT allowed fridges in rooms.


They do not get an iron (???) and are told to wait until they get there and club together to share one.



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They were not allowed fridges in their rooms at Surrey either, plus ANY electricals they took with them had to comply to some safety standard or other (can't remember which).


But a fridge in the room was not needed at all. There were 6 of them in the 'block' with a communal kitchen/dining room, with a large fridge (shelf each) , oven, hod, microwave etc.


There are often different tiers of accommodation too at varying prices, so I expect that those paying less probably got less in the way of home comforts. I know that my girls place was lovely, spotless & decorated newly each year, but she did pay a bit more for it.

She had to take EVERYTHING though - knives & forks,crockery & glasses, bedding, duvet & pillows (& mattress protector re the bedbugs on the other thread!). She took her own sandwich toaster too, as well as a couple of decent kitchen knives, & a bottle opener!

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My ED is at Bristol and she was in Hyatt Baker hall for her first year, they had tiny kitchens with a Baby Belling, microwave and kettle and a horrible small fridge freezer. She was mostly catered, breakfast and evening meal and a main meal on a Sunday. She cooked lunches for herself and cooked on a Saturday evening and managed pretty well. Food does go walkies quite often though.

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At Aberystwyth we had a large fridge, freezer, 4 rings on the hob, grill and oven, toaster, microwave and kettle... I thought that was pretty standard across most placed.

We were self catered though so I know some people who were catered had very little.


We weren't allowed a fridge in our rooms unless it was for keeping medicines etc in but I think he'll be fine sharing fridge space.


We also had to have electricals PAT tested unless you say you bought them new for Uni and then they didn't make you pay to have them tested...

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