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Treat Dispensing Machine - Patent Pending!

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Just had to share the success of my new home-made treat dispensing machine as I am very excited about it.


I have pierced holes in the sides of an empty strawberry plastic container (just the standard ones that soft fruits come in from the supermarket) and hung it with string from the roof of my walk in run - then I toss in a handful of treats - mealworms, sunflower seeds, etc and stand back and watch the fun! They have to stretch up (for the tall girls) or do a little jump (for the smaller ones) and give it a little tap and down rains a few treats! Keeps them quiet for hours!


This is just one of my many new inventions that I am currently working on to entertain and prevent boredom and feather pecking. Watch this space......

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Good idea SueChick. You can do something similar that rolls along the ground dropping grain apparently, but what happens when it hits the sides of the run I don't know. Feeding at three distinct heights is an important aid to prevent feather pecking from boredom says Katie Thear. Pecking at height or when jumping you have addressed effectively SueChick. The other heights are obvious. Mid-height is an elevated feeder and ground is scattered corn treats for scratching and pecking.

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