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Netherland Dwarf Rabbits...

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Incredibly cute! But anything Dutch is always best! :wink:


Actually did some rabbit wrestling today... And I don't own rabbits!


Came home on my motorbike to a bunny hopping along the road. Got off, walked towards bunny and found a second one! Apparently they had escaped their little run, while the owners were out. After som effort I menaged to put them back. Went home and wrote a note. Went to stick in on the door and one rabbit already escaped again! :roll: And number two was still trying to pick the lock... Got them back in AGAIN. Got a piece of wire and secured the run door.


A minute ago, the owners came knocking, to thank me for rescuing their bunnies. :lol:

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Sorry, been a bit daft and missed your post Egluntyne


Yeah they are both boys, and I have had then neutered, they seem very happy together but will keep a close eye on them


They did go through a phase of humping each other..... but thankfully that has stopped (we at least when people are watching!)

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I'm just catching up with the forum after a while away and have just seen this thread.

Lovely bunnies! We've just rescued a baby ND girlie after she was handed in to our vets when a man found her in his garden. She had a fractured pelvis. But she's grand now and oh so sweet! So we're now waiting to hear from a breeder about a wee friend for her. (creamrabbit)

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