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Heygates Rabbit Pellets

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Always have used the Burgess Excel for ours as it prevents selective eating and keeps the teeth under control. Used to have the Guinea Pig version as well.


Cool, mine seem to like both, and eat everything.


I have 2 netherland dwarfs and they eat all there 30g portition a day and then loads of hey and veg.... little fatties!




Do you know anywhere that does Burgess Excel cheap?

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We have had two dwarf lops, neither of whom have ever taken the slightest bit of interest in hay!


TBH, we normally just get a bag periodically from Pets At Home (as it happens to be opposite our nearest Tesco). However, Amazon are now doing pet foods on their subscribe and save scheme. We've started order in Burns dog food that way, saving about £10 per bag (it's not cheap). Just had a quick look to see if the Burgess is there as well and it is, but only the bigger bags http://www.amazon.co.uk/Excel-Rabbit-Adult-Tasty-Nuggets/dp/B0030UD67Q/ I think the 10kg bags are about £18-20 in most shops?

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