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Grown ups with Little'uns

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My pair of Wyandotte bantys (18 months) and Pekins (12 weeks) have been with me just over two weeks now. At the moment they are separated by mesh in a 3m Eglu Go run, with the Wyandottes having the Eglu and 2 meters of run, and the pekins having the extension with a cat box (unorthodox but seems to work :wink: ).


They free range together after work but only when supervised to stop the big girls bullying the little girls. Do you think that when the Pekins are more grown up (perhaps in 6 weeks or so) I'll be able to put them all in together?

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I think they would mix ok, would leave it for for a while though. Watch them carefully. Only thing with an omlet run is there's nowhere to run and hide. Make sure you put out extra feeders and drinkers, that helps :)

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