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Chicken first-aid?

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One of my girls has just bled all down my trousers and leg :(


The good news: it's not coming out of her bottom...


She seems to have broken or torn off most of the claw of her right middle toe.


I have held her firmly under one arm and gripped it in a wodge of kitchen paper, but I'm on my own here and she got fed up and wriggled free.


She seems oblivious to it, and is not crying or limping, but obviously as she walks or scratches it seems to bleed again.

I cannot see how I can possibly keep it clean or do much about it.


Any bright ideas, please? And is it sufficient just to wash myself thoroughly, I'm a tiny bit squicky about blood, I can't catch anything off her?

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I think what you've done is fine for the time being, and staying on grass while the wound dries up a bit is a good idea.

Unless it's infected (prob not yet, hopefully never) I don't think you'll catch anything.


Here's a couple of links that might help you: the duct tape in the first aid kit might be a way of keeping bandages on



and I know it's about bumblefoot, but it's still treating a foot injury, and contains a picture of how the tape has been applied



Hope some of that help


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Thanks all!


Husband now home, chicken was stood for several minutes with foot in bowl of warm salty water and bandaged with a snippet of wound-pad and copious micro-pore tape.


She was apparently fine before but is now standing on one leg looking slightly miffed, but not refusing treats or a nice swig of tea-dregs :D


Will obvs keep an eye on her, here's hoping she heals up OK.


I do <3 this forum, my thanks again.

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