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Rob Thomson

Eglu inner door - open or closed?

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Hello all,


Just curious whether or not people close the inner door of the Eglu at this time of year?


We have an Eglu classic. We always close both the inner and the outer doors (i.e. the plastic flap and the run's mesh door) at night, but we're wondering whether it would be a problem if we left the inner door (plastic flap) open so the little girls can let themselves out in the mornings.


We currently keep it closed for a couple of reasons:


1) Maximum security from predators.

2) Draft exclusion (and water-proofing when it rains).


However, they're pretty safe within an electric fence (they get to free range from dawn til dusk) and the Eglu run has about 18,000 pegs holding down the skirt.


Basically, what I want to know is whether I can have a lie-in tomorrow?


Cheers, Rob.

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I'm in the door closed gang, I take the food in at night and last time I left the door open they were up at 5 making a heck of a noise. I let mine out at 7ish (I can't do lie ins :) ) I have very close neighbours who are lovely and like a lie in so I tend to let them free range first thing as it keeps them quiet. They have me well trained..

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I'm happy they're safe from foxes etc, but what about mice nibbling on their tootsies...?!


I reckon I'll give it a try tonight. Leaving the door open I mean, not nibbling on their tootsies.


Cheers, Rob.


To be honest mice will get in the tiniest of holes so if you

Leave the door open or closed it will make no difference. Have never heard of nice nibbling the feet, there was a thread about a possible rat attack but not sure what the outcome of that was. I understand there is a huge amount of people who leave the door open and not had any problems with vermin.

I would put the food away at night but that's just me.

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I only just started leaving the door on my cube open in March after 5 years of getting up early.

Last Summer though, even though I had covered them up they were still grumbling earlier than I wanted to get up.

So this year I took the plunge and left the door open.

It is SO nice not getting up early, apart from the couple of times something has frightened them.

Why not give it a go for the Summer ?

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Thanks for all your replies.


It seems I get up really early - I've been letting them out at about 5:30am! I've always had the impression that any serious pecking occurs while they're bored waiting to be set free in the morning, so I've been getting up at dawn when I can. When dawn got before 5:30 I decided that was early enough!


Anyway, I left their inner door open on Friday night. Typically I woke up at my usual time on Saturday morning and when I looked outside there were three bored looking chickens looking slightly forlorn in their run. They looked a bit perplexed when I let them out into the garden, and then spent quite a lot of the day standing around looking unusally sleepy/p*ssed-off so I'm not convinced they like their new sleeping arrangements! So it was back to normal on Saturday night, and another early start on Sunday morning. The power these three little chickens have over me is ridicuous!


I'm glad mice nibbling on tootsies isn't a problem, I'm sure I read that it was quite a common problem but perhaps that was a dream...


Cheers, Rob.

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I'm pretty well trained at staggering downstairs, sorting out their food, letting them out, changing their water, checking the voltage of their fence, staggering back upstairs, climbing into bed and falling straight back to sleep.


My better-half always sleeps through no matter how loudly I slam the doors in protest at our one-sided chicken keeping relationship.

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