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4 eggs in 1 day....Ouch

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My ex-bat is around 2 & 1/2 years old and been laying every day up until a fortnight ago. she started looking droopy and disorientated and none of her usual large eggs in coop. Abdomen swollen and hot so took her to great poultry vet. Journey to vet caused her to lay a whopper with loads of clear jelly like liquid surrounding it. The vet proceded to pull out a soft egg minus the yolk. What a sight that was to behold. He seemed to think that once she got home she would expel the yolk......this she did along with 2 soft ping pong ball sized soft eggs. Given .75ml Metacam twice daily for a week and has made a full recovery. She is now laying whoppers every day :clap:


(purple eglu) + 4 ex-bats

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