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Pining hen gone broody!

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We sadly lost one of our two chooks last weekend and planned to get a new one Saturday as company for the surviving one, Chelsea.

In the mean time, Chelsea seems to have become broody spending most of the day sitting in the nesting box and growling when I go near her. She hasn't eaten much over the past 2days and has done the most humongous poos. She was sitting on one egg which I managed to remove yesterday and she has laid another today, which I have also removed. I have closed the eglu door for the day now I have her outside.

My quandary is whether to try to integrate a new chook into this situation or to wait until Chelsea has settled down. She is a Speckaldy hybrid so may be prone to broodiness. Or would it help her - maybe she's lonely and hoping for company! :think:

Any advice is more than welcome....

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Sorry you lost one of your girls recently.

For now I would suggest popping Chelsea into a broody cage if you have one, that way she will still have the air all around her and access to food and water in it.

Whilst she is in there it would be an excellent time to totally clean everything.

Then after 3 days and nights in there she could come out and meet some new friends.


What I don't know is if you still have to quarantine any new birds before introducing them to Chelsea, but I'm sure someone will tell you.


Let us know how you get on :D

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Just to update - I haven't got a broody cage so just kept Chelsea out of the eglu during the day and put a metal grille over the nesting box during the night so she had to sit on the roosting bars. After a couple of breezy days snuggling into the soil on the base of the run, she had enough and has snapped out of it. I gave the eglu a good clean and will hopefully be getting a new chook in the next couple of days :D

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