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Jam sugar or granulated sugar for strawberry jam ?

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I've just spent the afternoon picking 2 big baskets of strawberries ready to make some strawberry jam later in my Tefal jam maker.

Trouble is, I've actually got 2 bags of jam sugar in the cupboard but the recipe for the jam maker says to use granulated sugar.


Do you think it would make any difference ?

If I can't make the strawberry jam with the jam sugar what jam should I make with it ?

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I thought you were supposed to use jam sugar for strawberries as they don't have their own pectin?


Yes, that's what I thought.

That's why I bought the sugar in the first place.

We actually picked so many strawberries that I might try both the sugars in separate recipes.

Bit late to start now though :roll:

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Hubby went off and got me the correct sugar :D

Made one lot of soft set strawberry jam - which was very yummy on my toast this morning.

And made a traditional strawberry jam too - which I haven't tried any of yet - except the test bit that I tasted off the plate.

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I always use jam sugar for strawberry jam and granulated for most others. I couldn't get any the other day, so I have bought pectin sachets and granulated sugar, hopefully this will work in the same way and it was cheaper too :D I have a freezer full of soft fruit waiting for jam magic to happen.


I usually also add a handful of gooseberries to my strawberry jam to help with the set. I prefer the jam sugar because it is true you do keep a much better colour and flavour because the boiling time is much less. The set is soft, but if the jars are well sterilised and sealed when the jam is still piping hot, it keeps just as well.

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