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rabbits / chickens / flies

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Hi everyone - I got my first chickens (5 ex batts) a couple of months ago and they have made me so happy I am seriously considering getting a couple of bunnies. I would house the rabbits separately with their own run but my garden isn't huge and the ideal place to situate the rabbit hutch / run would be next to the chicken run.


However - I have been reading up about rabbits and I am worried about the possibility of Flystrike - it sounds terrible, and although there aren't too many flies around my chicken run and I am following all sensible proceedures to keep it clean, I am worried that housing the rabbits near the chickens would increase the chances of flystrike.


Does anyone have any experience or advice? I have read about herbs that can discourage flies. Would it be advisable to situate the rabbits as far away from the chickens as possible? This would them mean animals were occupying every area of my garden!


Thanks for your time GNR(brown rabbit)

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The most important thing to avoid flystrike is to keep bunnies bottoms very clean. Flies are attracted to the poo

that sometimes get stuck in the fur if the rabbit diet does not have enough fiber, their diet should be at least 80% hay, pellets and veg etc should be limited. Keep both runs and night areas very clean, I have terracotta pots in my chicken and bunnies run soaked in NAFF's citronella spray to dieter the little blighters too. Also treating bunnies bottom with flystrike preventive called Flyguard will be another barrier.

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We have a dwarf lop as well as our one remaining chook. The rabbit hutch is on the patio, the Eglu is at the top of the garden. Both do go out and free range the garden together. They get on really well now, although that wasn't always the case. The rabbit did get a bit frisky with her once or twice, which was quite.... Errr..... interesting. He also lost some fur from his back when she put him in his place. Best friends now, though.

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Have to say mine don't get along!

The chickens range from being terrified of a rabbit hopping next to their run (and telling us loudly!), to pecking at them and getting clumps of fur in their beaks!

I make sure I don't let either out at the same time...

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