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Some reassurance needed...

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I'm in a little bit of a pickle next week. I work mostly from home, so Tango is used to having someone around most of the time. My rule is that I don't leave her more than 5 hours (although she has on a couple of occasions been left 5 1/2 when I've struggled to get back sooner) and not every day. Any longer than that and she goes either to my parents or my in laws for the day.


Next week I have to go out to work for the whole day (just for one day) and I will be out of the house for around 8 hours - unfortunately both sets of parents have rather unhelpfully decided to go away on holiday at the same time! So I will have no choice but to leave Tango in the house alone all day. Please reassure me that she is not going to explode or something during this time! I will give her a lovely long walk before I go out and again when I get home. Unfortunately I can't even get someone to pop in and let her out for a wee during the day as she won't tolerate strangers in the house :roll: I realise many people do this every day with no trouble (and dogs probably can't tell the time anyway) but it just seems very alien to me!

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How old is she?

I have left my old dogs for that long a few times indoors but being labs they just slept.lol


Might be worth getting her bladder used to holding on for a bit longer before you do it so do a dummy

run if you can. Kong toys are great for boredom breakers and leaving radio or TV on. You can get adapt

collars and plugs in to help keep them calm.

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Thanks LBB. She's about 4 so well able enough to hold on for that long, although I will have a little practice between now and then. We usually go out for an afternoon walk around 2-2.30ish and she often chooses not to have a wee between her morning and afternoon walks so I am not too concerned about that. It's the potential boredom and mischief that might be more of a problem... I have some kongs so can squash her breakfast into those and leave her with them, I also have some long-lasting chews I can leave for her (beef scalp anyone? yummy!) maybe hiding a couple around the house for when the boredom patrol sets in?

If it was winter I would be less worried as I could take her with me, leave her in the car and walk her at lunchtime, but this time of year she will cook to death so definitely not an option (unless the weather takes a dire turn for the worse between now and next week!).

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