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Dust bath

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I've got 2 dust baths in the run, one is a washing up basin the other a litter tray. They prefer the basin for some reason. Nearly everyday I'm having to renew the ingredients in the basin - earth, sand, and diatom powder because they are throwing it about everywhere and it goes all over the run. Any advice on what container to use to make it last longer? Thanks :D

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Another vote for a tyre here, my girls love it.


Tyres make good planters in the garden for things like mint that need to be restrained AND tyres take the wood shades paint really well

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I use a half barrel planter that you can get from the garden centre. I only half fill it which means it is hard for them to kick out the contents and they also sit on the edges during the day so they get another level to their run. They can get three of them in at a squeeze and four when they are being very ambitious. It also means I am not forever filling it up. I started with a large shallow trug but gave up as all the dirt ended up in the run and not in the trug! :roll:

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