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That's a favourite project of mine - some of my girls have been down to a talk at the local Age Concern place in town.


My mother has advanced dementia, and while she doesn't remember the family farm that my grandfolks had, she still loves cuddling a chicken. She was well enough to travel this last weekend and they cam up to see us.... I brought a couple of the hens in for her to stroke.

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I did the vote too :D and then thought about how many hen houses I could fit on the field, for elderly people to come and look after. I wouldn't even want the £1 million lottery bid - £1/2 million would do!


There are already PAT dogs and cats (Pets as Therapy) that are taken by volunteers into care hones and hospitals for people to play with. Some our of previous dogs were PAT dogs and were always very welcomed when they went, as they were so good at being gentle with patients. One of them was also a reading dog - the child reads to the dog rather than to a person (the dog doesn't really do the reading :lol: ). It aims to build up the child's confidence, as the dog just looks adoringly at them, whether they get everything right or not :D. Our current hounds are way too boisterous for either role (and the cats are way too lazy).


Perhaps it's time for PAT and reading hens? All they'd need is a few treats for encouragement :D

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This is wonderful, lovely idea :D


I'm going to be a wee bit cheeky here and plug an organisation I've been involved with since long before I had my hens, one that many chook-keeping people could get involved with if there's a group in your area. And if there isn't you should set one up :D


Contact The Elderly organises monthy tea-parties for lonely and isolated elderly people. Volunteers either host parties or pick up and drive the guests to the venue. I do hosting and now the group has grown I only need to hold a party once or twice a year. We usually have an xmas 'special' and something in the summer like a visit to a nice garden centre, but groups do vary.


My group come to my house for a couple of hours of chat and afternoon tea which I prepare, the volunteer drivers help serve and clear up.


The group used to know me as 'Jenny with the naughty ginger kitten' and I'm now 'Jenny with the bad ginger cat and the lovely hens' :lol:

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