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Omleteers with a tortoise chat........

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Cor, it has been a nail biting time here. Kevin was allowed out into the garden about 6 weeks ago as was so miserable indoors under a lamp that he went on hunger strike. As soon as he was out he was happy and eating. As it was due to freeze overnight (the weather has been particularly bad for outdoor tortoises this year), I went out to get him in...could not find him anywhere. He was missing for 6 weeks. I searched the garden, digging carefully into the softer soil to see if he was buried...nothing. I put the village on alert even though I couldn't see how he could possibly have got out. We thought we had lost him or that he had dug himself in and gone back into what might have been a 'permanent hibernation'. But, I went out on Friday to do the first of my twice daily searches to find that he was in the process of digging his way out of an extremely deep hole. I had dug down a foot and an half where he was coming out and what's more we had planted 2 new plants either side of him!!! :lol:

Here is a very muddy Kevin!



Glad to say that he is now eating and enjoying the sun. He has lost a lot of valuable eating time so we will have to work hard at getting his weight up this year. Sooo glad to have him back safe and sound. :dance:

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Goodness you must have been beside yourself! I can't believe he dug down that far! Pleased he is up and about tho, hope you are feeding him all his favorite things :D


My 2 are outside, i've just built them a coldframe in their run (no heat) to see if this helps as they are not enjoying being chilly. Don't even know if they will get up today as it's cold and wet....


Does everyone elses get up during cold monsoons or stay in bed?

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