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Ginger puzzling….

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Hi all - not been on here for a while - can't believe I've still got Ginger (one of my 3 originals - now 7)! Although not sure for how much longer. She has rather mucky bum feathers, seems to be losing her balance a bit and wobbling, more in the hem core in the internal run than outside - her tail seems to lean towards the left more than I would have said is usual, and she has a pretty enlarged right nostril. Not sure what that is although I have googled it, and sinus canker seems to be a possibility. In herself though, she's just fine - burbles away happily (constantly talking!) and eating like a horse (well, a chicken, but you know what I mean!) Do you think the losing balance is a sign of old age, or something else? There's no discharge from the nostril, but the mucky bum feathers obviously suggest something's not quite right with her. Any ideas? :think:

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Presume she's been wormed with Flubenvet recently Chocolatedog?


As you say she is a grand old age. At that age ours develop all sorts of strange problems, usually with little chance of improvement. Worth a check for sour crop which, at her age, could be due to a bigger problem like slow digestive transit due to a digestive obstruction with a tumour or cankers. Or it could be just eating too much and being inactive, like our piggy Orpingtons. If she isn't pooing solids she may be wobbly because of lack of energy. But there may be an underlying neurological problem or ear lice upsetting her balance?

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