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Indulge me....just showing off my ladies

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yes, access is horrific but OH will be doing traffic control....you'll spot me a mile off...Red hair....red sweaty face and by 2pm a knackered, exhausted body!!!


lucky lucky girls....these are coming from a colony unit.....we will start at the farm around 10am......if only they knew..... :D:D:D

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Seeing your set up again reminds me that a summer holiday task is to put up the perch that was removed during run renovation earlier this year. OH and brother were brilliant at Easter, all the old rotting fence posts were replaced and the compost bins given new slats. I may add some logs having seen your piccies.

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Thanks chickanne,


I use ground nettex sanitiser weekly and replace the flooring every four months or so and at that time move the logs perches and plants around and the girls are convinced they have a whole new run.


Our job before the autumn is to get a fixed roof attached, we have a steel wield roof at the moment and I am not 100 convinced it couldn't be breached, I don't think it could but there is an element of doubt so....fixed roof it will be :dance:

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