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Online replacement lenses for glasses

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Yes, I sent my sunnies to be reglazed - I don't wear them all that often and as they weren't very old it seemed a better option than buying new ones. I used Direct Sight - great lenses and WAY cheaper than complete new glasses - only thing was it took about three-four weeks for the glasses to come back, rather longer than I'd have hoped!

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I've used Ciliary Blue several times, noth for my glasses and for my husband's.


I was very nervous the first time (a couple of years ago) as I was buying Varifocals, and they are very expensive (but much cheaper than getting glasses relensed in the High Street.


They were great.


This time round I had Varifocals again, DH had one pair of specs with ordinary lenses and another with Transition lenses.


Great service, great price.

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Thank you, I am a bit wary of posting them off but the amount of money you can save is great.

I was too, especially the first time when I had to send the glasses I wear everyday off!


But they (usually) turn things round really quickly.


You can order online, or phone them. I don't normally like having to phone, but I had a query the furst time so I had to. And they were great to deal with.

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