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Hello all,


My run is currently earth and leaves which are dry (except for the edges when it rains hard) as I have covers over the whole length of the run.


I need something to sanitize and hopefully slightly deodorise the ground.


Do you think Nettex or BioDri?


Also - how big is a bale of Aubiose? Don't know if I can fit one in my store.


Thankyou :)

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Aubiose comes in a bag/bale about the same size as a regualr bale of straw.


I used biodri in the past and was happy with it but the new tub doesn't have any fragrance at all and to be honest I don't think it does a thing. I need something to sanitize rather than just dry up poop. The last run clean out I used the nettex ground sanitiser and IMO the flooring has kept much fresher but then we have not had any rain so maybe that is why it is fresher.



So in short I just try everything for a while then decide it is rubbish so buy a new product and so on and so on

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I used Stalosan in the old days, but it is very powdery, so tricky to use in windy weather and it tended to get a bit airborne when sprinkled, which wasn't pleasant. I have used Biodry, but much prefer the Nettex Ground Sanitising Powder.


A bale of Aubiose is 20kg in weight, and compacted right down, so it is pretty dense and contains loads.

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We are going to use bark chippings which are not fresh. They will be changed regularly for compost. OH used to be a tree surgeon and is insistent upon using seasoned bark rather than wood chips. Says it is something to do with the cellular compound of bark.


Anyhow, it will be on the ground not concrete. Which would be better for us to use, please?

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