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Second day

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Hello everyone,

Yesterday I received my Eglu + 3 Miss Pepperpots.


I had no problems getting them to bed last night.

This morning, when I let them out, two of them were quite happy strutting their stuff and talking to me whenever they could see me.


One, however wouldn't leave the coop. Eventually I managed to persuade her out.

She started eating and took a drink, then went back into the main section of the coop.

She looks fine, albeit a little smaller than the other 2. Her eyes are bright an she appears alert, but, wont leave the coop, just stands at the door, looking out.


My main concern is getting her to drink and come out of the coop.

Anyone got an idea as to what is bothering her?



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Didn't want to leave you in limbo although I can't offer any advice bar the fact she may just be a bit more nervous and need to settle in before venturing from what she perceives as safety. I guess it wouldn't hurt to put a dish of water near the door or even inside in this hot weather as water is more important than food for now. Perhaps if it cools down she'll come out later in the day.

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I would not worry ..They are all different . You will probably find she will come out in her own time.She may be going to be bottom of the pecking order (well one has to be)

A good idea as Luna said is to leave water just by the edge and maybe a tit bit or two .

Don't leave water or food in the coup over night though .

I have a Miss Pepperpot who is our top chick and she is a stunner and lays huge eggs .She is over 4 and still lays 5 eggs a week. You can't go wrong with them they are stars.


Jackie x

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Thanks for all your responses.


She's definitely the lowest in the pecking order.

I think she may be getting bullied/pecked once the eglu door is shut.

Last night she became a gate guardian: At dusk the other two had to squeeze past her as she wouldn't budge out of the doorway. I left her there with the door open, unfortunately they all emerged at an ungodly early hour. :lol:



I've ordered some anti pecking spray as the boss chicken won't leave her alone. All day she has been bullying her. Doing it dead sneakily as well. Whenever I go to the coop she stops, but as soon as I go back in the devious chick starts again. :twisted:

On the plus side I've been presented with 12 eggs :D

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