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Runner Ducklings!

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Picked up three 4ish week old runner ducklings on Sunday. Meet Cuthbert, Dibble and Grub (thanks for the names Valkyrie :wink: )



They are currently living in the mesh sided, shady greenhouse in a red eglu, with a tin tray of water. They have growers pellets and I've been giving them spinach leaves after reading other posts on here.

Anyone feel free to comment on what else I can give them!

They are very nervous so we spending as much time in there with them as possible, but I don't want to stress them too much. Mucky little things, aren't they! :shock:

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Thanks :D

They seem happy enough. I've started letting them out into a small area in front of the greenhouse where there is some grass so they can splash and poop out there and grub for grubs. Been putting spinach and assorted leaves in their water and it all disappears every day. They are still very wary though - disappear into the eglu every time we go outside.

Hope to spend some more time with them tomorrow. Think I'll get the kids pool out and let them have a proper swim, rather than just a paddle!

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