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Help on adding 2 new hens

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Hi there folks, as some of you may know I've gone from 3 to 1 hens, all were young POL approx 18weeks old (can not remember what breeder said). Now I am getting at least 1 new hen next week but would really like to get 2.


At this early stage (I've only had them for 3 weeks now) would it be


A: reasonable to just introduce 2 hens straight away

B: better to introduce just the one hen straight away

C: Or should i follow the 3 week plan of introduction.


Thanks for your thoughts.

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I guess there are going to be a lot of different opinions on this one! My gut instinct says go with two and slowly intro as my two ladies came together from the breeder at the same time both at POL so young but still squabbled for a while to decide who was boss. No blood but plenty of white feathers everywhere until after about one week they settled down. You should get an idea of how the intros are going to go by watching the body language between the two groups across the barrier - for example any throwing themselves at the fence etc.


Good luck.

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My last 2 introductions went surprisingly quick. I was intending for them both to be slow and steady. Made space for them in my WIR. the first bird was so desperate to get out she would not stop squawking, so I let her out and kept a careful eye. She's only a bantam, but boy can she stand up for herself. With the next intro it went pretty much the same way. The 2 girls just kept flying up to the perches to get out if the other girls way. Lots of different feeders and drinkers is important, and room for them to run away from each other :D


Good luck. Hope to see some pictures soon :D

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We were down to one hen, Tilly, who had been with us for about two years as we'd sadly had to have her companion PTS. We were keen to get her company as quickly as possible, and decided that two against one might be best.


We introduced to new POL girls, from the same supplier, and it all went far more easily than I'd been led to expect :-)


We put an extra food dish in the run and let Tilly out on her own every day, so she could get away from the 'noobs' and they had time away from her. Soon they were pacing up and down the run, watching her and calling to her when she was out. We had only very, very minor squabbles and squawks and everyone happily went in to roost together from the very first night.


Tilly very much took on the role of the bossy big sister, although I can see that the pecking order might not be so obvious with chooks of a similar age meeting up.


Good luck, and let us know how you get on...!

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Had to introduce Millie and Ruby to poor Louise when Thelma died last year. The two newbies never squabbled with one another. Lou was the one we felt most sorry for - she took one look at the new girls, shrieked and jumped at them before running behind my legs. She spent two hours up on the shed roof howling about the situation whilst the other two pottered around, settling in. They avoided Louise who would growl at them for about two weeks and the only thing I had to supervise was bed time, when she'd go in and turf them out. Separate drinkers and feeders are essential but other than that the sooner they get it all over with, the better.

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