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Broody on First Egg - is this possible?

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Ok after 7 years of chicken keeping I thought I had a handle on most things but obviously not! I have been extremely lucky not to have had a broody as yet but this may be changing as of today!


Has anyone heard of a hen going broody when laying her very first egg or is this just an over production and dramatic response to first egg? She has been in and out the coop for an hour or two now and when she comes out she stands in the doorway picking up pips of bedding and throwing them over her shoulders on to her back? Then sits back on the nest with sawdust on her back? It looks like broodiness to me but I'm hoping not. She is a geeno blue - aracuana and white star cross - are these known for broodiness?


Some advice would be great thanks - should I keep turfing her out of the best or let her get on with it?

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Panic over - phew - sorry for late update but we were away for one week without internet so my poor mum had to deal with me ringing and checking up on her all week! Turns out it was just first egg dramas as when we got hone there were 4 beautiful small blue eggs waiting for us!


Good girl!

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Glad all's well that ends well. One of ours spent quite a few days sitting on the nest pretending she was going to lay before she finally popped out her first (torpedo shaped) egg. We then had several of those weird shaped ones before suddenly they were all regular egg-shaped - whereas her sister chook's eggs were perfect and laid fuss-free straight from the start.

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