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Slugs in Glug

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I always thought slugs couldn't swim, but last night while doing our regular snail & slug hunt we noticed a couple of snails up the side of the WIR. We had a quick peek inside the run to make sure our 2 hens were okay and were amazed to find about 30/40 huge slugs inside and outside the glug, in fact there were so many you could hardly see the glug. It was truly horrible and I had the task of picking them all off and this morning OH took them for a nice long walk down the local farm and let them out as we don't like to use slug pellets.


My question though is why on earth do they do this and does everyone have this problem? We have a water feature and a bird bath in the garden and never find slugs near those.


Honestly I could hardly sleep last night as I couldn't get those slimy creatures out of my head :shock:

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I have found slugs in the glug and grub, not as many as you Mercedes but enough to make me stop using the glug and grub, I bought a couple of feathers&beaky feeders which I have hung up and using my old boring drinkers with feet. I found slugs in the feed bins too :vom:


The hens had not been eating much which I put down to no longer laying and the heat but once I put some fresh pellets (from a new feed bin) into the hanging feeders the hens have been tucking in to the pellets again. Maybe slug goo makes things taste icky?

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I've had slugs in the glug and grub too... I'm not so kind to any snails and slugs. Catch them, stuff them in a bin bag and trow them in my bin. Don't want them escaping anymore.


A few days ago I was walking in a field in the middle of a forest and the grass was covered in big black slugs! :vom:

It must have been hundreds if not thousands... :vom::vom::vom:

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I don't think I'll sleep tonight, dealing with a couple is bad enough. I lob them over the fence into next door's field of a garden but usually miss so they are probably the same ones I remove. Nice orange flange round them. yuk


Apparently slugs and snails do have homing instincts and you need to throw them at least 20 to 30 metres away for them not to come back :roll:


Those really huge ones with the orange flange, yeah seen a load of them :shock:


If I had my way I would just bag them up and put them in the bin but my OH say's I am being cruel :lol:

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