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Did she jump?? Beware of Omlet fencing...

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I have an Eglu classic with an extended run. I am also lucky enough to have a fairly large but safe and secure garden, so our three chooks have a daily session out and about.


Much as we love them they are silly-tame to the point of being a nuisance sometimes, if you want to garden in peace, or enjoy a cuppa without someone sticking their beak into it :lol:


My OH splurged on a long length of Omlet netting/fencing and has set it up in a big loop, enclosing their run so we've been putting them out into what's become known as their 'pen'.


Today I let them out into this enclosure and went back indoors to carry on being busy, with regular checks to make sure everyone was OK.


Then I noticed - two hens inside the fence and Rosie happily gallivanting about in the great outside :shock:


So: warning - Omlet netting fence may not be entirely chicken-proof :evil:


At least - not Rosie-proof :lol:

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We have Omlet netting and the girls have escaped in two different ways. If you have a Classic Eglu they can flutter up onto it and straight over the top of the netting unless the Eglu is a long way from the fence. Ours could do that easily even with clipped wings! They got out repeatedly that way so we replaced the netting with two layers high of ordinary plastic garden net. (We've now got a Cube, which would solve the problem, too, as it's too high for them to get on top of)

The other way is to push under the netting because it gives such a lot. We now have it round the veg beds, rather than round the hens, and use netting staples from B and Q to pull the fence tight and peg the bottom edges down into the ground.

Cunning lot, hens!

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