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Where to eat in The Dales

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Good for starters thank you Patsylabby. I will mark those down in my Lifeboat note book that goes everywhere with me. I like to be prepared. :D

Just went on to Hawkshead brewery. Not sure if we'll be heading out that far to Cumbria, but I want to go on that bridge at the slate mine! OH HOW 8) IS THAT!!!! Hubby would be a shivering wreck! :lol:

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Not sure if this is too late, but I'm just back from a week in Masham. We went to the Carpenter's Arms in Felixkirk, mid priced and very nice. The Yorke Arms near Pateley Bridge was highly recommended to us but it is VERY expensive, and has a Michelin star, and we didn't go. Also, the Blue Lion in East Witton is one that pops up in lists of good pubs too (we didn't go there either!).


Hope that helps :)

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Phew! OK, looking through the visitor book in the cottage, the Bay Horse in Masham popped up a few times as a place to eat. There is also an award winning sausage shop in Masham itself, called Beavers family butchers (we bought loads and I've got some in the freezer that we brought back :) ), a lovely shop called Joneva who sell sweets, ice cream, and local food, and the whole shop smells of liquorice. Also, we visited Byland Abbey, and there is a rather nice looking pub across the road, so stunning views whilst you eat, but we only had a drink there. I'm sorting out photos for my blog at present (over 1000 photos of Yorkshire :oops::roll: ), so will mention any nice looking places as I find them.


As an aside, apparently Janet Street Porter, James Martin and Rosemary Shrager all shop for food in Masham, didn't see any of them though!

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Ooh, did you go round Jervaulx as well? We drove past quite a few times, but as it wasn't English Heritage or National Trust we didn't go in (have membership of both).


I must dig out the photos of the chickens I took at the holiday cottage, they were adorable!


Edited to add: Here they are, the alarm clock




and his two wives and eight chicks




Loads more photos on my blog, took too many :oops:

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Hahaha - great pics!


Jervaulx is a donation only and they use an honesty box. We didn't have enough change so when we went back to the car we popped into the tea rooms and paid there. It desperately needs funding for the upkeep by the looks - a little overgrown. A pity really as the guy who inherited (eldest son upper class rules) the land wasn't interested. His brother had looked after the ruins for his father and the eldest son knowing his interest sold it to him. How nice - the rotter should have let him have it. I hope he succeeds as the tea shop is really good.


Um, our holiday chickens were pretty quiet! :lol:



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