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Poorly Tonto

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I found a touch of red mite in the banties wooden coop upon returning from hols. So thoroughly cleaned and treated everything in sight.


My problem is little Tonto (Japanese cockerel hatched mothers day) he's just not himself. He's not answering Sushi's crows and is just standing around napping, he's lost his appetite and I've not really seen him drinking. He's not ruffled or anything and has a clean bum, I've checked him for any mites or lice but cannot see anything crawly, his breathing seems normal and his lungs are clear, there's no smell, no discharge from his eyes or beak and nothing is swollen. Little amount of poop seems to look normal.


I've ivermectined him this morning and moved him indoors with vitamins in his water and all the tasty favourites I can think of. Any ideas? I really don't want to lose him as he's a sweetheart.


Is it the mites?


I believe I read something recently about a cockerel not being able to digest the layers food the same as it's contains too much of something that he doesn't need, anyone else heard of it? If so what should he be eating, is there a cockerel mix?


Hopefully someone knowledgable will have some ideas, please no doom and gloom merchants though I don't need it.

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Could he be a touch anaemic, I had red mite in my banties coop and one of my girls was a bit off, got rid ofthe red nite and she is fine now. I'd keep him in for a couple of days, sometimes a bit of tlc really helps. My cockerel eats the same as the girls , layers pellets and has done so for years and he is fine. Hope he is ok

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He ate a bit of chopped boiled egg this morning but still seemed depressed so I put him out in the garden with his tribe for a few hours and saw him rodeo dancing up to Golly who promptly ran away from his advances. I put him back in with the others when it was home time but kept watching him and he's still napping a fair bit and not crowing.


I noticed he's also got a fair few new feathers coming through so could this be making him feel off?

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