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DE and head lice

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Apparently hair conditioner kills the lice as well, only not the eggs. So washing your hair a good few days with conditioner (leaving it in for a bit) should kill off most lice and any hatching eggs. Then using a lice comb to get rid of any unhatched eggs should do the trick.


That is what I did once before a long time ago, but I was just curious about the DE.

The thought of lice freaks me out and I have noticed quite a few scratchy children since being back at school.

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Another hair conditioner and nitty gritty comb here. My GC when in primary were the unlucky ones to always come home full of them within a week of returning to school after the holidays. ( We knew who the offenders were but the parents wouldn't do anything about it, so the whole class were just spreading them around during the term , even the Head was relieved when they moved away from the area ). We called them Grasshoppers as my GD couldn't stand the word nits . Bless her .

The nitty gritty is a wonder comb and really does work, we all have one.

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They say head lice are tiny creatures the size of a sesame seed... The Channel 4 programme embarrassing bodies had an episode with a severe (not this bad, but still...) infestation of head lice and what shocked me most was the size of full grown head lice! :shock:

Waaaaay bigger than a sesame seed!

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