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Betty Mutha and Wardrobe

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We have had our 3 ladies for 8 months now and absolutely love them to bits, each of them have different characters and great fun to be with.

They have a generous fox proof ark for night time and an extra large sheltered run for daytime when we are out otherwise they are free range (including our house if we forget the gate)

We have a park bench beside the living room patio window and quite often hear a knocking on the glass and notice little faces looking in.

Yesterday we had a new experience, in the evening we guide them into their big run (a few mealworms in the water usually helps) they then make their own way up to bed and we pop out to secure the ark, no problems.

Last night though we were having tea, the girls were in then we heard an almighty chicken shouting quick as a flash we dived outside to chase the intruder away. all I saw was Wardrobe and she was very vocal, I asked her what was wrong and walked round the back to see the others, wardrobe was still shouting but walked through the tunnel into the ark and stood at the bottom of the steps, I opened the door and Betty was comfortable in her place Mutha who is a rather large lady was sitting with a smug look on her face filling the space where her and Wardrobe normally sit.

I talked to her and gave her a bit of a stroke and she got up and then Wardrobe walked up the steps and went into her space in the bed. All was well for the rest of the evening.

We found it quite funny it was as if they were little children who had had an argument and Wardrobe was telling Mum and Dad.

Is this natural behaviour or should me and the wife be certified?


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Our little Grandson Oliver was asked what he wanted to name their new cat when they got it last year, his Mum laughed and said no way so good old Nanny and Bah (Irene and me) promised him we would use his suggestion when we got our girls, so Wardrobe it was.

Poor Oliver was overruled before when he was shown the scan of his sister in Mummy's tummy she asked what he would like to call her. He was hardly likely to get his way with "Garden shoes".

Right I'm off to take my medication


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