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You could also try mylearningworx. It's a crowd sourced, online learning portal and many of the courses on it are free. They're mostly vocational (at the moment, anyway, it's not been going all that long) and range from designing apps to cooking a leg of lamb!


Because it is a crowd sourced option, the quality does vary but, if it's a free course, you've lost nothing but time.

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Wow, that looks really interesting! Thanks for sharing. I have always hated formal education - I never got on with either school or university, although I completed both, but I do love learning. These sorts of courses would be right up my street - short little chunks of learning, at my own pace. I'll definitely be signing up for some of these :D

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About a week into Oceans and it is marvellous. I got behind because I went away but it doesn't seem to matter and is easy to catch up. I have learnt so much interesting stuff in just one week. It's also delightful learning just how many female scientists and adventurers there are and have been. Shame women aren't represented by them instead of women who's claim to fame is shaking their backsides.

There are so many fascinating links you can spends hours browsing through them. I'm very glad to have this course to concentrate on and can't wait for the next one now. 8)

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