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Grrr Cats!

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So, we've been finishing off our walk in chicken run today and while we were out we thought we might as well let the girls out to free range. I'd just finished drilling a hole and looked up just in time to see a neighboring cat jump from the top of the fence onto two of our girls. It manage to get a mouthful of feathers before our girls got in a few good pecks and I started chasing it down the drive (drill still in hand). Needless to say, I'm looking forward to finishing the run off tomorrow! I will also be digging my boyfriends old water gun from the garage!

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Was watching our young Vorwerk chase our Ginger tom cat this afternoon.


Unfortunately not all cats are same and your neighbour's sound particularly vicious - I wonder if it's an un-neutered tom.


and is quite a tough lady is quite scared of our two leggers


:D:D No Pheobie is tough as nails if any other cats come anywhere near our gardens but otherwise she is quite timid.

She often pops round for a meal and a sleep but keeps well away from the girls.

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Most of the cats seem to have stayed away since we got our chickens but not this one. He likes to sit on top of the garage or one of the fences watching them when they are in the run. This was the first time he's been there while they've been out though :( .


As I said in my first post, it managed to get a mouthful of feathers before it was chased off but when I opened the coop this morning there was a load more inside and a few in the run. Do you think they are okay? They shouldn't be having a proper molt till next year and they already had a mini one in August.

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